SpeakIT Creates a High Quality Audio Version of your Web Content in Real Time

SpeakIT is a server based web service that automatically transforms web pages into human quality audio files. A single link in your pages is all you need to integrate it easily into your website. The end user only needs an internet enabled device and speakers or headphones. No download or installation is required.

Users Will Benefit from a New Level of Service Quality, Speed and Features

  • Human quality voices.
  • Fast response.
  • New accessibility options.
  • Speech-enabling without downloads or installation.

SpeakIT offers your visitors an alternative way to access information by listening to it online on their PCs, Macs or mobile devices. You can rest assured that your web content will get to a wider audience, complementing your web content.

Why Choose SpeakIT?

SpeakIT is a tried and tested solution with hundreds of clients in many countries. 

The new SpeakIT range of services is a result of two of the leading companies in assistive software: Claro Software in the UK and Insipio in Sweden. We develop new, affordable and user friendly tools to make websites and electronic content more accessible.

A tried and tested platform launched in 2003 form the basis of our technology and it is now enhanced with further accessibility options from Claro Software, one of the UK’s leading developers of assistive technology.

The emphasis is placed on ease of use for the user and ease of installation for web masters. The SpeakIT service is both flexible and affordable whilst ensuring the highest standards of reliability.

Benefits of the SpeakIT Service include:

  • Best value for money.
  • Easy to use and easy to install. Just add a link and users can begin to listen to your website without downloads, plugins or installation.
  • Real time conversion so the latest content is always read.
  • Works with static and dynamic, database-driven websites.
  • Works with all the most popular browsers on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and GNU/Linux operating systems. Mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android are now supported.
  • A wide selection of high quality voices in different languages are available.
  • HTML text, PDF and Word documents are supported.