SpeakIT Plus is an advanced suite of accessibility aids for your website. In addition to the text to speech service, SpeakIT Plus also includes unique screen magnification, screen ruler and colour contrast tools. SpeakIT is operated through an easy to use toolbar that doesn’t cover or mask any of the website. 

Implementation is easy — simply add a link on the site and the entire site is speech enabled.

A large proportion of the two million people with significant sight loss can benefit from our magnification tool. This feature magnifies everything on your desktop including emails, Microsoft Word documents and other applications. This feature is not available in any other speech enabling solution (text enlargement is not a substitute for magnification).

The Contrast tool allows a tint to be applied to the PC screen. This can be of any colour and brightness. If web visitors find it difficult to read on screen text because of excessive glare or because of poor colour contrast, the contrast tool can help make reading more comfortable.

Further benefits of SpeakIT Plus include:

  • The core speech enabling technology is server based and does not require the user to install any plugins, downloads or installation.
  • The text is being highlighted as it is read. Word by word and sentence by sentence
  • SpeakIT is a Saas-application, meaning that we licence the application to our clients and run it from our own servers.
  • SpeakIT Plus fully supports Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and GNU/Linux operating  systems for its reading functions and has been extensively tested with the most popular web browsers. - Mobile platforms such as iOS, Andriod, Windows Mobile and Blackberry are now supported which includes most modern tablets and smartphones. We recommend that our clients add SpeakIT Standard, which is optimized for mobile platforms
  • Reads static and dynamic websites.
  • The text is converted to audio in real time so the latest content is always available.
  • A wide selection of high quality voices in 16 different languages are available.
  • Users can select what is read back, either by highlighting the text and pressing play or hovering over the text with the mouse cursor and clicking on the SpeakIT pop up bubble.
  • SpeakIT Plus offers https support but it is also possible to use  the WebRead application for the read back of secure websites.
  • Links can be read out via the Read link button, either by pointing with the mouse or by pressing the tab key. 
  • Alt keys are supported.
  • PDF and Word documents can be converted to HTML and read with SpeakIT Plus. 
  • Users can select the speed that text is read back.
  • Pronunciation corrections can be done centrally or customer specific.
  • MP3 – maker – it is possible to save mp3 files with SpeakIT Plus
  • Statistics can be provided. Since servers deliver the text-to-speech requests, usage data can be accurately tracked. 

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