SpeakIT Standard offers the best value solution in the market. Ease of use, ease of installation and an affordable price makes SpeakIT Standard the ideal web accessibility solution for every website.

Features of SpeakIT Standard include:

  • The core speech enabling technology is server based and does not require any plugins or downloads.
  • Users have a choice between listening to continuous text or to select text via highlighting.
  • Reads static and dynamic websites.
  • Works with sites that use frames.
  • Discrete embedded player
  • The text is being highlighted as it is read. Word by word and sentence by sentence
  • SpeakIT is a Saas-application, meaning that we licence the application to our clients and run it from our own servers.
  • SpeakIT fully supports Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and GNU/Linux operating systems for its reading functions and has been extensively tested with the most popular web browsers - Mobile platforms such as iOS, Andriod, Windows Mobile and Blackberry are now supported which includes most modern tablets and smartphones.
  • The text is converted to audio in real time so the latest content is always available.
  • Webmasters can choose from a wide selection of the highest quality voices available in 16 different languages.
  • Supports automatic language recognition.
  • Supports secure sites served under https.
  • Supports site-specific pronunciation adjustments.
  • Statistics will be provided. Since servers deliver the text-to-speech requests, usage data can be accurately tracked. 


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